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Dear Readers, Welcome to the Allpdfbooksepub.com ! Her Perfect Revenge Book Wiki, Summary: Are You Ready For A Romantic Comedy Like No Other…? The Prank of a Lifetime… Teenager Christina Matteo is sweet, innocent, shy but nerdy – and the perfect target for a cruel joke played by class superhunk, Bill Havenwood. It leaves her devastated and changes the rest of her high school years for the worst. The Revenge of a Lifetime… Years later, she bumps into the creep again and begins plotting her perfect revenge. She’s going to get him back. Bad. And when she’s through with him, he’ll wish he’d never messed with her in the first place! The Mistake of a Lifetime… But her plan goes horribly wrong and she finds herself owing the slimeball $50,000. What’s a poor working girl to do? The Problem of a Lifetime… Bill is out of the family will – or so says his billionaire father, William – unless he can change his lazy, good-for-nothing, partying ways. But how? The Scam of a Lifetime… William wants grandchildren…or even the possibility of grandchildren; and if Bill wants to stay in the will, he needs to get engaged—like now!

But where is he going to find a willing—or unwilling—accomplice on such short notice? The Blackmail of a Lifetime… Bill turns to Christina. If she simply pretends to be his fiancée for one month’s time until he can change his stubborn father’s mind, he’ll forgive her $50,000 debt. She has no choice but to agree—even though she still hates his guts! The Double-Cross of a Lifetime. But William knows all about their phony deal. He’s not dumb! Wait until he begins to pressure the scheming couple to marry for real. That’ll teach his dirty rotten son a lesson… The Romantic Comedy of a Lifetime… The laugh-out-loud craziness that ensues produces one of the most hilarious romantic comedies of all time. With realistic characters and an expertly woven plot, HER PERFECT REVENGE is an excellent choice for any and all romantic comedy lovers.

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Her Perfect Revenge
Her Perfect Revenge


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